Girl photoshoped different countries

Woman got photoshoped to know the beauty standards of 18 different countries

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There is no doubt that there are people in the different parts of the world have different ways of seeing the beauty. It’s really a part of the culture that specifies the beauty that people gets attracted to. All different countries have different kind of liking that guys want in their girls. It’s said that every one have a different aspect of beauty standards depending on their environment and society. But there is a special type which is admired by most of the people of a specific geographical area.

This project was inspired by Esther Honig, who is a artist, as a result the picture of the model was sent to different parts of the word to get photoshoped, As a result every country returned with something amazing, they gave the model the look they feel is the standard of beauty for the country people.

This is how the model picture was photoshoped

The original photograph taken was like this.

Girl photoshoped original

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A healthy all american girl who can attract any american guy.
Girl photoshoped usa

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A little difference in skin tone makes it a little difference, also a small body size marks the standards of Argentinian beauty.

Girl photoshoped argentina

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Doll like features, small body, big eyes are the features admired by Chinese people.

Girl photoshoped china

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