Olympic Athlete Is Selling His Medal – The reason is Amazing

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Olympics is a great reason for every athlete to mark their name on the history and the medal received for it is more than just metal. It shows the dedication, hardwork and hours of practice everyday that they put in for the training. After so much hardwork, it’s not easy to give it away.

One Olympic Athlete after wining the silver just went to sell it. Why he did that will make you respect him even more.


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Piotr Małachowski from Poland won the silver medal at the Summer Olympics in Rio. He won this medal in discus throw, but soon after he won the medal he put it for the auction. This is after he received an email from a woman from his home country asking for help. This lady asked him to help her raise money for the treatment of his son who is suffering from eye cancer and need retinoblastoma procedure in New York.

As a result the Olympian put his medal for auction which was taken by Dominika and Sebastian Kulczyk for an undisclosed amount.


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To get the boy medical treatment they need to fly him to NewYork which needed a $126,000.


Piotr Małachowski

“Fate gave me a change to increase the value of my silver.” Piotr Malachowski wrote on Facebook.


Piotr Małachowski

Olek is nearly 2 years old and been suffering from cancer for half of his life. Retinoblastome is a tumor of the eye which occurs in children under the age of 5. Olek’s treatment was not possible in Poland so he had to get treated in NewYork, which was mode possible by the Athlete with the big heart.