women pulled over by cop

Cops pulled her over for expired tags… But what she said left us in tears

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After having a hard time fighting cancer during her pregnancy, the mother of two set out to start a new life, but her story left us heartbroken.

Naomi Norelli the mother of two moved to Denver after she fought bravely with cancer during her pregnancy, she hoped to find a good living for herself and her kids. But even there her new job didn’t go nicely so she managed to get a new one, the things didn’t go well even after that, her car died rendering her unable to go to work every morning. When she finally was able to get a new car then she was not able to pay for the tags.

This led to an incident when she got pulled over by cops while she was on her way to her work, cops asked her why she was driving with the tags from so long ago. The single mom of two told them that it’s between new tags or the groceries for her and her two kids.

women pulled over by cop food

To her surprise when she got to work after the incident, two police officers surprised her with bags full of groceries. As the news spread throughout the town many people came forward with helping hands, now the single mom and her two kids are getting groceries, gift cards and essentials that they require for their daily life.


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This made us believe that if there is humanity surviving in the golden hearts of the people living on the face of earth. This inspired us to do a bit good for the society, If you are inspired then please share this with your family and friends.